Article | Survival kit for the afterlife or instruction manual for prehistorians? Staging artefact production in Middle Neolithic cemetery Kadruka 23, Upper Nubia, Sudan

Alarashi H., Gourichon L., Khalidi L., Chambon P., Sellier P., Maines E., Aoudia L., Anderson P., Baumann M., Langlois O., 2021. Antiquity : 1–8. doi:10.15184/aqy.2021.151

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The burials at the Neolithic cemetery Kadruka 23 in Sudan have yielded adornments and bone and lithic artefacts that occur as distinct stages of the chaîne opératoire. This article reports on a hitherto unrecognised funerary practice that highlights the importance of craftsmanship for Neolithic communities in life and beyond.