21 juin 2022

Symposium Cumanum 2022 | Dido Unbound: the Queen of Carthage before, in, and after Vergil

Organized by Zara Torlone, Miami University, Ohio ; Giampiero Scafoglio, University of Nice - Côte d’Azur



Tuesday, June 21st:

Arrivals after 3pm. Meet and Greet and Social time: drinks before dinner in the main room.

Wednesday, June 22st:

8.00: Breakfast

PANEL 1, 9AM–11AM: Opening the Conference Themes

INTRODUCTIONS: Giampiero Scafoglio and Zara Torlone

Welcome of local authorities.

Chair: Giampiero Scafoglio

1. Richard Thomas (Harvard University), “Dido in the 21st Century Translation”

2. Sergio Casali (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”), “Virgil’s Dido and the Preceding Tradition”


Coffee break

PANEL 2, 11.15AM–1.15PM: Vergil’s Dido

Chair: Zara Torlone

3. Suzanne Adema (Leiden University), “Bound by Mercurius: Mercurius as Manipulator, Interpreter and Narrator of

Dido’s Inner Life”

4. Carey Seal (University of California, Davis), “Dido’s Curiosity”

5. Campbell Celia (Emory University), “Spoiled Dido”

6. Mario Lentano (University of Siena), “Periturae ignoscit Elissae. Tracce di lettura al femminile della Didone virgiliana”


1.15PM–2.30PM: Lunch

PANEL 3, 2.30–4PM: Dido in Latin Literature of Augustan and Imperial Age

Chair: Richard Thomas

7. Sunju Li (Jungam Academy for Greco-Roman Studies), “Dido, oratrix sagax: An interpretation of the Heroides”

8. Anne Sinha (Sorbonne Paris Nord University), “Anna soror : le rôle d’Anna dans la construction du personnage de

Didon dans la poésie latine”

9. Debra Freas (Wellesley College), “East in Ephesus: Dido and Petronius”


Outing to Cuma

Thursday, June 23st:

8.30: Breakfast

PANEL 1, 9AM–11AM: Dido in Late Antiquity

Chair: Jim O’Hara

10. Graziana Brescia (University of Bari), “L’allattamento ferino e i geni della perfidia. I convicia di Didone in età tardo-antica”

11. Giancarlo Abbamonte (University of Naples “Federico II”) and Fabio Stok (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”), “Dido in

the Late Ancient Commentaries”

12. Étienne Wolff (University of Paris Nanterre) “Didon dans quelques recueils poétiques latins tardifs (Épigrammes d’Ausone,

Epigrammata Bobiensia, Anthologie latine)”

13. Sophia Papaioannou (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), “Editing the Dying Dido for a Christian lector

doctus (Tertullian and Prudentius on Dido’s suicide)”


Coffee break

PANEL 2, 11.15AM–1.00PM: Receptions of Dido: Europe

Chair: Barbara Weiden Boyd

14. Cristalle Watson (University of British Columbia), “Cutting and Pasting Dido: The Vergilian Centos of Geta and Proba”

15. Giandamiano Bovi (University of Parma), “Luca Pulci’s Pistole, addressed to Lorenzo di Medici. Rewriting Dido”

16. Patrick Lake (The Hill School), “Shakespeare’s Dido in the Tempest”


1.00PM–2.15PM: Lunch

Outing in Naples (Archaeological Museum)

Friday, June 24st:

8.30: Breakfast

PANEL 1, 9AM–10.45AM: Receptions of Dido: Beyond Europe

Chair: Sergio Casali

17. Zara Torlone (Miami University, Ohio), “Two Didos in Russian Poetry: Anna Akhmatova and Joseph Brodsky”

18. Carlos Mariscal de Gante (National Autonomous University of Mexico), “Dido, a Feminist Symbol for 20th Century

Mexican Society: Rosario Castellano’s Lamentación de Dido”

19. Erika Valdivieso (Yale University), Searching for Dido in Colonial Latin America


Coffee break

PANEL 2, 11.00AM–1.00PM: Dido Today

Chair: Sophia Papaioannou

20. Alicia Matz (Boston University), “Ipsa sua Dido concidit usa manu: Vergil, Ovid, and Dido’s Agency in Three Modern


21. Francesca Tataranni (Northwestern University), “Waking up over the Aeneid in 1985: Dido and a fresco fracas during the

Reagan presidency”

22. Barbara Weiden Boyd (Bowdoin College), “Dido in the Desert: Stella Duffy Reads Virgil with Ovid”

23. Muriel Lafond (University of Nice-Côte d’Azur), “What Ever Happened to Queen Dido (on screen)?”


1.00PM–2.15PM: Lunch

PANEL 3, 2.15PM–4PM: The “Alternative” Didos

Chair: Alessandro Barchiesi

24. Ekbom Moa (University of Gothenburg), “Urbem praeclaram statui: Perceiving Dido the Builder in Antiquity”

25. Alessandro Barchiesi (New York University), “Dido, Venus and Cyprus”

26. Giampiero Scafoglio (University of Nice-Côte d’Azur), “Dido in Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio”


Concluding Remarks

Outing and Dinner in Sorrento

Saturday, June 25th: Morning departure

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at the Villa Vergiliana, Cuma-Bacoli, Italy

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