23 September 2021

AAA online Lectures on the Caucasus

ARWA – The International Association for Archaeological Research in Western & Central Asia has the pleasure to invite you to the following AAA online lectures on the Caucasus. Organisers: Sabine Reinhold and Giulio Palumbi, From September 23rd to December 16th 2021.

From September 23rd to December 16th 2021, on Thursdays at:

10.00 EST (New York / GMT -4)
16.00 CET (Rome, Paris, Berlin / GMT+2)
17.00 (Moscow / GMT+3)
18.00 (Baku, Tbilisi, Yerevan / GMT+4)


23rd September 2021
Andrea Ricci :Stopping and going: the Neolithic occupation of the Mil Plain (Azerbaijan)

October 7th 2021
Giorgi Bedianashvili : Damaging objects on purpose: ritual practice in the Late Bronze/Early Iron Age South Caucasus

 October 21st 2021
Natalia Shishlina : Resource basements as a driving factor in economic strategy development: Steppe and the Caucasus during the Bronze Age

 November 11th 2021
Wolfgang Haak : The genomic history of the Caucasus region

November 18th 2021
Sabine Reinhold : The Early Iron Age in the North Caucasus and its supra-regional cultural integration

December 9th 2021
Emmanuel Baudouin, Rémi Berthon, Alexia Decaix : Cross-analysis of the Neolithisation in the Southern Caucasus: archaeobotanical, archeozoological and architectural approaches

December 16th 2021
Ruben Badalyan : The Kura-Araxes culture of Armenia: new discoveries and old problems. An overview

To participate in this online lectures please follow this Zoom link:
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Appel à fouilleurs bénévoles

La mission archéologique française en Alaska (mafAK) cherche des fouilleurs bénévoles pour la fouille du site préhistorique de Little Panguingue Creek (Healy, Alaska), se tenant du 1er juillet au 9 août