Workshop “PACE” Prehistoric Adaptations to Cold Environments: multidisciplinary approaches

January 8th-9th 2019, Campus St-Jean d’Angély 3, Nice, France

Goals and scientific content


The main goal of this workshop is to bring attention to current research aiming towards a better understanding of long-term, complex human-environment interactions in the Arctic and Subarctic from the Final Pleistocene onwards. Guest speakers from different backgrounds -archaeology, environmental sciences, ethnography- mainly working in east Siberia and Alaska will address several topics such as: paleoenvironment and climate change, taphonomy in periglacial sedimentary contexts, prehistoric mobility and subsistence, techno-economy of different raw materials, current northern peoples’ lifeways, etc. The language of the workshop is English.

Open registration for listeners and participants

Registration is free of charge but mandatory for any interested researchers and students wishing to attend the meeting.


In addition, a call for posters is open until November 5th. In accordance with the topics developed by the keynote speakers, priority will be given to posters presenting new research developments in arctic and sub-arctic archaeological and paleoenvironmental sciences, ethnoarchaeology or social anthropology addressing the subject of adaptive strategies, human subsistence and/or climate change. More generally, poster presentations focusing on methodological approaches enhancing our understanding of human-environment relationships in other “cold” contexts – geographic areas or time periods – are equally welcome.

If you wish to register, please contact

Looking forward to seeing you in Nice,

Auréade Henry, CEPAM UMR 7264 CNRS
Marine Vanlandeghem, UMR 7041 ArscAn 


Programme PACE