Ouvrage | « Notre-Dame » de la revue Journal of Cultural Heritage

Edited by Philippe Dillmann, Martine Regert, Aline Magnien, Pascal Lievaux, Livio De Luca, Volume 65, Journal of Cultural Heritage

The CNRS/MC Notre-Dame scientific worksite: an extraordinary interdisciplinary adventure

Historical monuments, and particularly the great religious monuments of the Middle Ages, have been the subject of scientific study for several decades. From art history to archaeology engineering, their material and immaterial realities, including digital approaches, have been studied from a variety of angles by teams of researchers from different institutions across Europe. The tackled issues are highly varied: architectural, building site supplies, craftsmen’s technical gestures, decorative programs, conservation, this latter including various approaches as seismic risk, acoustics, aesthetics, ethnologic, digitization, etc. Research programs funded by calls for projects existed through various European research support organizations. A large number of articles have been published on this research, notably in Journal of Cultural Heritage…

Source : https://www.sciencedirect.com/journal/journal-of-cultural-heritage/vol/65/ (Open Access jusqu’au 01/07/2024)