The 18th Mega-Chad Colloquium was held from 29 to 31 January 2020 in N'Djamena (Chad) on the theme "Times of Changes. Ruptures and continuity in the Lake Chad basin". The program is available here as well as the abstracts of the papers and the introductory and concluding speeches of the symposium. A selection of texts will be published later at IRD Editions.


The theme of the 17th Mega Chad conference, held in 14-16 June 2017 in Nice (France) , was "Insecurities in the Lake Chad Basin". A selection of texts was published in 2020 at IRD editions, Paris, under the title Conflits et violences dans le bassin du lac Tchad. An English translation of this book will soon be published at Berghahn Editions.

The proceedings of the 16th Mega-Chad conference, held in September 2014 in Tilburg, under the title "Religion, Rituals and Beliefs in the Lake Chad Basin" have been published in 2017.