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CIMO Launch

CIMO Launch

25 mars 2015

Comité de Pilotage CIMO

Comité de Pilotage CIMO

28 janvier 2015

Presentation of ANR Cimo

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As a contribution to the the « Creation, cultures and cultural heritage” topic, this 42 months project has the overall objective to unravel the processes and skills related to pottery production and uses, and then contribute to identify transfers and cultural links within the frame of the Early Neolithic diffusion across the NW Mediterranean. It therefore combines archaeological and experimental approaches to geological, geochemical, physical, chemical, and materials engineering.
Across NW Mediterranean, Early Neolithic development and peopling seem to have resulting of a leapfrog-like seafaring spread of pioneers groups supposed to be originating from the SE Italian Impressed-Ware core. A rather short span of time has been spent for this transfer, if one considers the earliest evidences of farmers settlements in the Apulia core (ca. 6000 BCE), and the earliest ones along the NW Mediterranean coast (ca. 5800 BCE). One of the main locks up for (...)

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