Véronique Alunni


Production scientifique (écrite) depuis 2011

Nogueira Luísa; Alunni Véronique; Bernardi Caroline; Quatrehomme Gérald , 2018. Saw marks in bones: A study of "secondary features" of false start lesions. Forensic Science INternational, 290, 157-161, 10.1016/j. (ACL)

Nogueira L; Quatrehomme Gérald;  Bertrand MF; Rallon C; Ceinos R; du Jardin P;  Adalian P; Alunni Véronique, 2017. Comparison of macroscopic and microscopic (stereomicroscopy and scanning electron microscopy) features of bone lesions due to hatchet hacking trauma. International Journal of Legal Medicine , Berlin, Springer, 131 (2), 465-472, 10.1007/s00414-016-1522-1 . (ACL)

Quatrehomme Gérald; Radoman I.; Nogueira l.;  du Jardin P.; Alunni Véronique, 2017. Sex determination using the DSP (probabilistic sex diagnosis) method on the coxal bone: Efficiency of method according to number of available variables. Forensic Science International, Amsterdam, Elsevier, 272, 190-193, 10.1016/j.forsciint.2016.10.020. (ACL)

Alunni Véronique; Dujardin P.; Nogueira L.; Buchet Luc; Quatrehomme Gérald, 2015. Comparing discriminant analysis and neural network for the determination of sex using femur head measurements. Forensic Science International, 253, 81-87, 10.1016/j.forsciint.2015.05.023. (ACL)

Quatrehomme Gérald; Piercecchi-Marti M.D.; Buchet Luc; Alunni Véronique, 2015. Bone beveling caused by blunt trauma: a case report. International Journal of Legal Medicine, 19, Epub ahead of print. (ACL)